My Firm

I am an experienced, licensed wealth management, insurance, and tax professional who provides personal attentiveness to ALL my clients' financial needs as together, we navigate all critical financial decisions. I take an integrated approach as most, if not all, these decisions are inter-related. 

My clients frequently (but not always) are professionals or business owners who are within 5-15 years of retirement, who plan on maintaining their fun, rewarding, and active lifestyles throughout their retirement years, and who desire to leave a legacy to those who mean the most to them. They place a premium on integrity and on having a personal relationship with their advisor. They therefore place high value on our process and on their participation in it. Because not everyone thinks this way-many people view financial advice as more of a commodity that may be obtained from a variety of sources-I am selective about those clients we choose to work with. 

In short, my approach is different. (I hope that has been obvious to you as you browse through our web site) Instead of attempting to grow a large practice, we have preferred to keep a smaller number of clients who appreciate a higher level of personal service and commitment.