So, you found my web site, did you?

You could have visited any one of thousands, probably tens of thousands of wealth managers' web sites, but here you are at mine. I'm honored. So, let me get to the point and not waste your time.

For us to work together, we'll need to have a few aspirations in common:

1) Trustworthiness

2) Selective who you work with

3) Highly value the important things in life (and I'm NOT talking about money)

4) Prepare carefully before acting ("Measure twice, cut once")

5) Strive always to do the honorable thing

Now, don't get me wrong. I frequently fall short. That's why I used the word "aspirations". But if these are things you pursue vigorously, let's get acquainted.

I hope this web site helps you get to know me a little more.........